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The Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University 
in Warsaw


ul. Dewajtis 5,
01-815 Warszawa
Tel: 22/561 90 19

The Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw is one of the youngest  Polish universities but it continues many years’ academic tradition. It is a state university with Christian inspiration. The University Statute obligates all academic community to maintain and develop universal human, Christian, and national values.


The Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw  (UKSW in Polish or CSWU in English) was established on the base of the Academy of Catholic Theology  (created in 1954) by the Act passed by the Polish Parliament, the Sejm, in 1999. Since its beginning the University  has been developing very fast both in respect of the structure and the number of students. At present the University educates over eighteen thousand students; there are eight faculties and twenty four fields of studies (at the moment of transformation from the Academy into the University there were nine thousand students in ten fields of studies). The University employs eight hundred academic teachers; most faculties have the right to confer doctoral degrees and the degree of doctor habilitated.


The CSWU is supervised by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. It is also supervised by the authorities of the Roman-Catholic Church defined by the Agreement between the Conference of the Episcopate of Poland and the Government of the Republic of Poland. The Church supervision concerns only the Faculties of the Church teaching: Theology,  Canon Law, and Christian Philosophy.


The CSWU offers master degree studies, vocational higher studies, complementary master degree studies, doctoral studies, post-graduate studies, and specialized courses and studies. The academic education is held in the system of full-time studies (week-days studies) and  part-time studies (weekend studies, and extra-mural studies). Most of the fields are certified by the University Accreditation Commission and by the State Accreditation Committee to prove top quality of education. The student can obtain an undergraduate degree (first-cycle studies – Bachelor degree) and then a graduate degree (second-cycle studies – Master degree). The University has the right to confer Doctor degree in ten science disciplines ( theology, canon law, law, literature, philosophy, psychology, history, sociology, physics, mathematics). There is a possibility to obtain habilitation in six scientific disciplines ( theology, canon law, philosophy, psychology, history, and sociology).


The University is located in the Bielany district of Warsaw  and consists of two campuses: the Dewajtis Street main campus and Wóycickiego Street campus. The latter has been created on the previous 5-hectare army terrain  with barracks. The architecture of this area has been continuously expanding and  modernized since 2004. The Centre of Education and Interdisciplinary Studies of the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw is being created at this campus. The designed Centre is to perform the functions of  traditional university campus and modern didactic research centre. In the years 2004-2008 there were designed, constructed and passed over for the university use the following buildings: the building of Auditorium Maximum with assembly halls, lecture halls, and didactic rooms; the building of the Faculty of History and Social Sciences; and the building of the Faculty of Christian Philosophy.


 In the framework of the Centre of  Education and Interdisciplinary Studies there will be also constructed next buildings: the Laboratory Centre of  Natural Sciences, the Faculty of Law and Administration, the Sports Centre, the Hotel for Academics and the Domitory for Students, and the Main Library of the University.


Apart from a wide educational offer (see: Fields of Studies), the students can also take an active part in a number of special interest associations, student clubs and organizations or the student government. There are also the student theatre and the student choir.


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Patron quotation

Our duty is to understand everything what we are able to understand. Afterwards only faith is left - I believe, God, because you said.  /Mamy obowiązek zrozumieć wszystko, co da się zrozumieć. Dalej pozostanie już tylko wiara – wierzę Boże, ponieważ powiedziałeś/


In death there is Love  /W śmierci jest Miłość/


Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński